Dana's pillow became her "security blanket" and she never went for treatment without it. It made chemotherapy more tolerable and allowed her to rest more comfortably. However, she noticed that without the proper support, other cancer patients often slumped in their chairs during their treatment, and it became her mission to provide others with the same gift of comfort and compassion that she received.

Based on Dana's passion to help others, and her wish to ease the suffering of fellow chemotherapy patients, her friends and family have started a charitable foundation to provide complimentary neck pillows to patients during chemotherapy. The foundation,Compassion....Let It Begin With Me has adopted a far reaching mission statement and we couldn't be more pleased and excited to carry out Dana's wishes.

What You Can Do

Although she lost her battle with cancer in December 2010, she never stopped thinking about, and acting on behalf of others. While Dana was facing the biggest personal storm of her life, she began planning a service to provide complimentary neck pillows to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. These are the neck rests you often see travelers use on airplanes that ease the discomfort of sitting upright for hours on end. As Dana received treatment, her close friends noticed she needed this type of relief and the neck pillow was the perfect solution.